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Lot's of video production companies have a one-dimensional approach to projects. doubleU Video is made up of video experts that are flexible and fun to work with. We take our video production services seriously, while at the same time making sure not to lose sight of how much fun the process is. We have years of experience with all the many types of projects which require professional video production companies. Whether it be documentaries, product videos, commercials, music videos, event video production services, or animation videos, our creative team always strives to present your content in a manner designed to attract your audience. 

  • It was a pleasure working with the DoubleU team. I was very happy with the outcome of the video. I would definitely recommend them.
    Josh Rosensweig
    Google Review
  • they are very creative and a pleasure to work with!
    Avraham Colman
    Google Review
  • It was a very pleasant experience dealing with Tzvi at DoubleU Video, Pricing was on point, and the end results where way better then I anticipated for my budget. Keep up the good work, we need more guys like you!
    Martin Klein
    Google Review
  • Very talented and original ideas. Very easy to work with. Gets it done on time.
    Yecheil Schron
    Google Review
  • DoubleU Video created a beautiful and professional over 13 min film for us, all that was done in a very short time. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and their responses are very quick! I recommend everyone to give them a try, I have no doubt that you will come back after just one try!!! Thank you DoubleU Video for the amazing work you did!!!
    Shaye Hamburger
    Google Review
  • Had the pleasure creating a video with this awesome team, looking forward to the next project! Huge shoutout to Tzvi thanks so much!
    Yaakov Josephy
    Facebook Review



Every stage in the production process



Clients often come to us with a distinct purpose, but a vague idea of how to achieve it. They express a clear directive to persuade, to inform, to sell. Maybe we get a napkin sketch. Sometimes a brochure. Our Creative Team grows these kernels of ideas into full-fledged stories zeroed in on moving the desired audience. Using our talented minds, we form innovative ideas into creative images and sounds in our scripts, storyboards, and pre-visualizations.


Once the story is nailed down, it’s onto the prep. Our Producers methodically plan every creative and administrative detail throughout pre-production and post-production. We nail down the budget and lock down logistics like crew, cast, equipment, locations, and travel. We schedule all phases of both the shoot and post-production. Our meticulous process remains constant, whether we produce a 30-second spot with a cast and crew of 25 or a simple one-day office video with a crew of three.



The Production aspect of any video is extremely important, and that is why we play no games. Our Directors pull the very best out of your story bringing what some people refer to as “Magic” to your viewers. Our highly-experienced Cinematographers and assistants create the very best audio and image from each scene. They bring years of knowledge and know-how to the set to get the visuals we expect. Whether it’s a one camera interview or a full blown multi-camera production, our crews are always at the ready. Bringing you the finest in visual content.



When all the parts of Development, Pre-Production, and Production are combined and juxtaposed in just the right way, they take on a life of their own as a unified creative vision with greater meaning, stronger emotion, and deeper subtext than anyone could have anticipated or planned for in advance. Some people call this part of the process “the magic.” We just call it post-production. Our Awesome team of video editors, motion designers, animators, and other post-production specialists produce imagery and sequences as breathtaking and ambitious as our writers and directors can dream. Our editors distil down the hundreds of disparate elements generated during the production process and synthesize them into one cohesive narrative experience.








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